I welcome your feedback.  What can I do to improve the class? Please post your thoughts below if you wish. Thanks very much and it was wonderful getting to know you all. Please stay in touch. Shoba

Design & Architecture

It seems like we are racing along.  I am enjoying all your presentations, and glad you are keeping it to ten minutes.  Design is a huge sub-culture for those of you who decide to get into it.  Meanwhile, here is a recap of our final presentations. Our guest lecturer who will cover dining, cocktails, and…

Website on Indian art

I came across this interesting website, Chitralakshana, that talks about Indian art.  Perhaps some of you may be interested in it.  Minal?

Final Presentations

I request all of you who are doing your presentations next Monday and Tuesday to keep it under 10 minutes. Because there are so many of us, I have no choice but to ensure that people keep within their time limit, or else I have to reduce the grade. A suggestion: rather than presenting a lot…

Role Playing

I enjoyed our session today! Thanks to all who had the courage to come up today.  I realize that the later candidates will have the advantage of our feedback and I will factor that in while grading you.  In other words, the people who came up today have a handicap. Based on today role-playing, the…