Tree of Life Jaipur hotel review

This resort an hour outside the Pink City of Jaipur is designed to pamper guests with spacious villas, a swimming pool overlooking the Aravali hills, a spa offering excellent treatments, an organic garden, and walking trails that encourage solitude and reflection.
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The Savage Beauty of Alexander McQueen

Memories of the V&A and my Parisienne friend Elisabeth Guez are fresh in my mind. The V&A has another nice exhibit where they try to answer: “What is luxury?” Wish I could have seen the John Galliano retrospective also– in Paris. My review of the exhibit here.  And you have to see it on the newly launched Mint on Sunday.  There is a great piece … Continue reading The Savage Beauty of Alexander McQueen

Tourism Bedside Manners

Tourists appreciate bedside manners and smart service Shoba Narayan Jan 2, 2011 next previous So where did you go for New Year’s? For much of Asia and indeed the world, it would have been the Middle East. According to a report by Deloitte entitled Hospitality 2015: Game Changers or Spectators, the Middle East has much to gain from emerging trends in the travel and tourism … Continue reading Tourism Bedside Manners

Flying Coach for The National

I know about Qatar because a lot of my friends from the US fly the airline to get a connection straight into Kerala. This was a reaction. Flying coach class doesn’t have to be a malodorous misery Shoba Narayan Last Updated: Mar 26, 2011 Qatar Airways would do well to take another look at coach class. REUTERS Go to photo 0 next photo previous photo … Continue reading Flying Coach for The National

New Zealand Food Tour for FT

Articles > Newspapers > Financial Times > New Zealand Food Tour New Zealand Food Tour – By Shoba Narayan (This article originally appeared in May 2005) For being such an isolated faraway country, New Zealand is a veritable culinary cornucopia. There are olives for the pressing, berries for the picking and wines for the sampling all within a span of miles and sometimes within the … Continue reading New Zealand Food Tour for FT