Hi! I am Shoba I am an author, columnist, journalist and content creator
I began as a sculptor of welded steel Now, I write about the arts and culture
Indian aesthetics are a passion Scents, colours, flavours, and textures
I like telling stories Memoirs mix the inner world with the outer. Which I like
I travel...for food and wine...to review hotels Aromatic medium-bodied wines, vegetarian food, and immersive travel
Cultural contradictions and emotions Are a lifelong obsession
So I write about relationships How we live, love, laugh and fight
This is my (late) dog, Inji. I love animals, birds, butterflies, flowers, oceans...nature in all its magnificence and variety
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Short Bio

Shoba Narayan is the author of five books. She has been a journalist and columnist for 30 years, writing about travel, food, wine, culture, crafts and relationships, for national and international publications. She has won a James Beard Award and a Pulitzer Fellowship. She has taught and lectured at universities in India and abroad. She is interested in Indian aesthetics– and has researched its influence on jewellery, music, textiles and scents. She founded and co-created a website called Project LooM, which documents the weaving traditions of India. She is a birdwatcher, wine-drinker and gadget geek. Her lifelong mission is to get fit without exercising and lose weight without dieting.