I do two podcasts: on Sanskrit and Birds.


Bird Podcast — hosted by Shoba Narayan. 

This podcast will focus on birds, mostly from India with global forays. After all, birds know no boundaries.

India is home to some 1200 bird species, amongst the highest in the world. We will talk to naturalists and birders, about common and special birds, while highlighting issues both old and new. We will take a close look at India’s vanishing forests and wetlands, and the impact their disappearance is having on birds. We will speak to the men and women who have successfully saved endangered birds and habitats. We will cover bird news, products and general information for beginners who want to get into birding.  And we will do individual podcasts on bird species, unique to our part of the world.

Welcome to the Bird Podcast. Come fly away with us.


The Sanskrit Podcast brings the ideas of ancient India to the modern world. Hosted by journalist Shoba Narayan and featuring poets, dancers, musicians, storytellers, artists, and scholars of Sanskrit and Indian culture, the Sanskrit Podcast attempts to shed light and life on concepts and ideas from India’s past in an informal, conversational way.

I worked with Skanda, the gifted founder of Shaale, which means school in Kannada. Together, we came up with a list of Sanskrit scholars and invited them to be in conversation. Skanda and his team filmed the sessions.

They are available in full in Shaale’s website here.

I have a Shaale page here where my other talks are also available.

You can watch snippets below or in my Youtube channel. Please subscribe to Shaale’s wonderful content– you won’t find stuff like this elsewhere.

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