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What is distinctive about the Bangalore art scene?

The word that is most often used to describe the Bangalore art scene is ‘non-commercial,’ given that it is not as market-driven as India’s other metros. Relative to Delhi and Mumbai, rents are reasonable. The city does not have too much of a celebrity culture. Discussions in the art world don’t centre around ‘who came and bought what,’ as an ex-country head of Sotheby’s India said. Bangalore in that sense, evokes an art community that existed in other Indian metros but has since been forgotten or left behind.

Old favourites that I wrote for Condenast Traveler (US edition)

Goa Grows Up

Once a hippie haven where even India's tightly chaperoned teens could turn on, tune in, and drop out, Goa has lately gone upscale. Living in a trading port for the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Europeans meant that Goans were forced to interact with the outside world far earlier than the average Indian. This has made them friendly but not overly curious about foreigners.

Wild at Heart

Bangalore is home. I didn't always live here—until two years ago I lived in New York. But now this is the city where my kids go to school, where I hail auto rickshaws for bone-rattling yet perversely exciting rides to work and meetings, where I prowl pubs and malls in search of stories and sales, and where I go to Namdharis Fresh supermarket to buy organic grapes, too-hard bagels, and much-too-soft cream cheese in an attempt to replicate the Sunday morning brunches at my Upper West Side apartment.

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