VIEW RECIPE The Healthy Bowl
1 Large Green Bell Pepper
1 Small Onion
2 Dragon Fruits or any other sour fruit
1 Red Chili
Chop everything up into small bits and put into a bowl.
Add spices of your choice. A dash of lime juice.
Toss just before serving.
VIEW RECIPE Spicy Chili Soup
Precooked red kidney beans
2 Pieces of Baguette
3 Large Tomatoes
1 / 2 Cup of Mixed Herbs
1 Red Chili
Chop everything up into small bits.
Layer it in a bowl, the heavy ingredients in the bottom.
The fresher the tomatoes, the better.
Sprinkle fresh chopped cilantro on top with a squeeze of lime and serve
VIEW RECIPE Cottage Cheese & Chives
15g Chives
100g Cottage Cheese
1 Bun
This is a great dish for those on a diet .
Along with chives, you can chop up onions, habanero or green chilies, red bell peppers and cilantro.
Chop everything up into small bits and put into a bowl.
Stir well and enjoy with crackers, a bread, or spread on a bun.
VIEW RECIPE Colorful Salad
250g Mixed Salad
50g Nuts
100g Beetroot
Your Favorite Dressing
Chop everything up into small bits and put into a bowl.
You can choose to be adventurous with your choice of nuts. Try pistachios and sunflower seeds.
That's pretty much it.
VIEW RECIPE It's Just Cornflakes
150ml Milk
50g Cornflakes
That's it!
When all else fails, go back to your childhood and have a bowl of cereal.
Make it all grown up by adding blue berries, walnuts and a sprinkling of chia seeds on top.
Add whipped cream and this goes from a breakfast dish to dessert.
VIEW RECIPE Tasty Muesli
150ml Milk
50g Granola
50g Blueberries
If not cornflakes try muesli. A bit more grown up. Easy to mix and healthy to boot.


Food and Memory. Food and Faith.

Food is intimately tied with identity, home, memory and well-being. We may each have acquired global preferences in other parts of our lives, but take food away and you have the skeltel remains of the global sophisticates that we may have become.

Comfort Food

A Japanese chef once told me that after an evening creating the most wonderful dishes for his patrons, he goes home and eats boiled rice. These are the things that we grew up with, the proverbial chicken soup that nourishes our soul, in this life.

Food & Memory

When you become an expatriate, you reach back your old country for three culinary things: comfort, essence and personal preferences. Curd rice isn’t particularly flavorful if you eat it for the first time, but it is comfort food for a south Indian.  

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