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Gadgets that are cool– and maybe even useful

I love gadgets, gizmos, cool things. I have been testing and writing about products, quirky gadgets and classes that interest me.  Below are the links to the pieces. Booty Patooti Bootcut [...]

Snow jacket

Two winter jackets that can see you through the cold

X-tend carry-on

Finally....a carry-on luggage that expands to fit all the souvenirs you purchase while travelling.

Rejuvenate your face

This course gives you a short and practical practice to remove the stress from your face.

Y Studio Fountain pen

This fountain pen is tactile, has girth and the ink never dries up, thanks to its heavy duty cover.

Wim Hof method

Wim Hof is famous because he advocates ice baths and standing bare-bodied in freezing alpine cold

Bellroy Folio Wallet for Women

If you like the convenience and organization that a wallet gives, you cannot go wrong with Bellroy's folio wallet for women.

My Charge Chargers

The best chargers are those that you don’t have to think about. By which I mean that they ought to juice up quickly, hold their charge till that emergency moment when you need backup.

Bellroy Wallet

Bellroy wallets come in an eco-friendly paper package with simple instructions. Each wallet, which comes in a rainbow of colours, typically holds four to 11 cards.

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