I love gadgets, gizmos, cool things.

I have been testing and writing about products, quirky gadgets and classes that interest me.  Below are the links to the pieces.

  1. Booty Patooti Bootcut pants
  2. Pizzeria Pronto
  3. Tristar Travel Bag
  4. Vain Sthlm versus Bose headphones
  5. Vibram Furoshiki Shoes
  6. Ztylus Revolver 4-in-1 iPhone lens
  7. Carson Binocular Hookupz
  8. Olloclip 4-in-1 smartphone camera lens
  9. Eagle Creek Doubleback and Convertabrief 
  10. A bra that fits
  11. Orchard Corset
  12. Shelfpack
  13. The Oak Bottle
  14. Baubax Jacket
  15. Master Wine Aromas Kit
  16. Raden A28 Check In Suitcase
  17. Dragon Dictate
  18. Nuface Trinity with Face Trainer
  19. Wacaco Minipresso
  20. Alpen Optics ED HD binoculars
  21. Fizzics Waytap Draught beer fizzer
  22. Hylete 6-in-1 backpack
  23. The best hiking gear
  24. The Campaign bag by Stuart & Lau
  25. Levitating X
  26. Bellroy Wallets
  27. My Charge chargers
  28. Kohezi Fountain Pen

Online Courses reviews here

  1. Mike Mandel and Graphology
  2. Second City Comedy Classes Online
  3. Carol Look EFT
  4. Paraliminals by Learning Strategies
  5. Wim Hof method

Master page with clips of all of the below found here.

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