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My life is a web of relationships. The great Indian joint family.

Messy, loving, crazy, contradictory, complex, never easy

But it defines who I am and what I value.

Connections: between people, place and time.

First cousins
Second cousins

Do relationships make you or do you make them?

With love comes the ability to forgive. Only if you are able to forgive can you overlook slights, flaws, mistakes and miscommunication

While the Dalai Lama talks about loving-kindness meditation as a way to bridge divides, it is essentially about assuming goodwill.

Relationships are defined by connection

Connections can happen perchance but require care to flourish. Ultimately, it is these connections that define the human experience.

This web of connections floats to the surface in cultures such as India, where people are forced into proximity, thanks to density. What you do with (and to) the people around you defines character.

How you behave in times of stress depends on how you value what is at hand.

Relationships and connections are supreme in the path to happiness.

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