What is it?

An online course that promises to rejuvenate your face.

How is it structured?

Downloadable content, audio and video


The beauty of this online course is how they connect several modalities and are able to explain them using words that resonate and have meaning.  For example, they begin by asking us to “settle” into our bodies, which is a better term than the oft quoted “center yourself,” or the nebulous “be present.”  For a novice, being present is too esoteric an idea to make sense.


Dr. Susan Lange and Mary Louise Muller connect two great healing traditions in a way that not just makes sense, but also explains and enhances each other’s ideas and concepts. The two branches of this course are TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine and BCST or Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. Mary Louise does the BCST bit while Susan does the TCM bit.

The two women work well together. In a compassionate, conversational style, they pack a lot of information into their sessions. Even though I have studied TCM, I learned new things about the idea of “shen,” about yin and yang and most importantly, about the face points of acupuncture. Mary Louise’s sessions about touch were a revelation. I am by nature, a bear hug type of person. It was both eye-opening and insightful to realize that touch is an exploration and that it needs to incorporate not just how you want to touch (a bear hug) but how the other person wants to be touched. In my childrens’ case, they like a soft touch and wriggle away every time I hug them tightly.


A lot of them. Make notes. Listen to the lectures again and again.

  • Susan’s explanations of TCM are clear and concise. I first encountered TCM in Ted Kaptchuk’s book, “The Web That Has No Weaver.” I have also studied Giovanni Maciocia’s book. But I didn’t pay much attention to the face. The points I favour are ST 36, LI 4 and other distal points. Nowadays, I work with my face points in the way that Susan teaches in the course. It makes me look younger!!!
  • I didn’t know BCST at all but hearing Mary Louise speak about it got me fascinated about it. Since then, I have listened to Michael Shea’s lectures and the Breath of Life videos on Youtube. I can tell you that for amount of time spent, you will learn more about BCST in Mary Louise’s lecture about touch than four hours of lectures.
  • Both Susan and Mary Louise throw in a lot of ideas and concepts that are helpful for healers. For example, the idea of neutral touch and attunement. The five minute tune up of the face. The logic of the conception and governing vessels.
  • These are just a few things that make listening to this online course worth your time.

The Bottom Line

This course not just connects TCM and BCST in a beautiful way, it also gives you a short and practical practice to remove the stress from your face. Just make sure you do it everyday.


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