charger that you can toss into your tote

A good charger should be like electricity– there when you need it but in the background for most of the time.  

And like a power cut, your phone’s battery will likely run out at the worst possible moment, which makes having a spare charger not just handy but neccessary while you travel. 

myCharge HubMax 9000mAh portable battery charger devices

I have tried many chargers over the years.  The cheap ones invariably conk out. Some are bulky and some require additional accoutrements like a charging wire, which reduces its utility.  

The myCharge HubMax charger has many things going for it.  

Perhaps most useful of all is that it is incredibly self contained.  A pop out power outlet allows you to recharge the charger overnight. This is not trivial because it eliminates forever the need for that extra charging wire that all of us must remember to take.

Once, recharged, the HubMax retains the charge for a year or at least several months, which means that you can toss it into your carry bag without worrying if the power has run out.  It includes inbuilt wires, one for an Apple device and the other for all other devices. It allegedly recharges your smartphone faster than others in its class, but that is not really necessary because it is small enough to carry in your handbag through the day.

myCharge HubMax 9000mAh portable battery charger prongs

I usually charge my iPhone in my handbag using the HubMax in between meetings.  The fact that it looks sleek and gray ain’t bad either.
myCharge HubMax 9000mAh portable battery charger

Buy it at the myCharge website here for $99.99 or at online stores.  

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