This beautiful women’s wallet will see you through the day and night in style.

It fits your cards, coins, and most importantly, your cellphone.

Handbags, like handwriting, are so old school.  Millennials these days carry a mobile phone but that’s about it– using apps to pay cash, or credit, order a car and save a business card.

If you like the convenience and organization that a wallet gives, you cannot go
wrong with Bellroy’s folio wallet for women.

I first heard of Bellroy from my fashion-forward friend in England, and soon began seeing its products on both sides of the Atlantic.  As it turned out, this Australian brand has been wowing the fashion community for years, partly because it marries form and function with sustainability.  It’s Folio Wallet for women is a good example.  Built of sturdy supple leather, it fits all your essentials in a clean, functional way.

Folio Wallet - Navy - Bellroy

I have to admit that for the longest time, I eschewed clutches, let alone wallets.  I was a handbag girl. I liked the fact that I could carry everything, except my Mom and Dad, as the saying goes, in my handbag. I liked fishing out things whenever people asked for them– from bandaid to beauty supplies– like I was some Florence Nightingale.  And I liked the fact that I could carry my life with me.

These days too, I carry my life with me– except on my cellphone.

I use my phone to pay people, exchange visiting cards, order cars, photograph memories, record memos, and send messages.  My life has shrunk into my iPhone 7.  Which then begged the question: why did I need a giant tote when I travelled? After much soul searching, I downsized to a lady’s wallet, not realizing then that I was merely following the global travel trend of multitasking minimal accessories.

Bellroy made its name by ruthlessly eradicating every extra piece of leather so that your folded wallet is compressed with nary a bulge. The wallet in turn forces you to parse your belongings rather than throwing everything from lipstick to lighter in– unthinkingly.  Any old leather purse can be a carrier of stuff, but to do so with intent and style is another matter.

Folio Wallet - Alabaster - Bellroy

To organize involves not just containing but also knowing at some intuitive level what you will need when.  The Folio does this.  It gives you options.  You can even carry coins or candy in the top zipped compartment.  You can slip your phone in for easy access.  Wish that Bellroy allowed for bulkier iPhone covers, but the brand has built its success on slim wallets.  There is space for six credit cards and really you should need no more than that.

Bellroy ships to India.  You can order its Folio wallet here for $149.95.

The real joy is the feel of the leather and knowing that it has been sourced in a sustainable fashion.


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