Some people ask for an official bio.  I point them to the below and ask that they cut-and-paste it.

Shoba Narayan is an award-winning author and columnist. She is the author of four books available here.

The Milk Lady of Bangalore: an unexpected adventure
Katha: Tell a Story; Sell a Dream (the Art of Corporate Storytelling)
Monsoon Diary: a memoir with recipes
Return to India: an immigrant memoir.

She graduated from the Columbia Journalism School which awarded her a Pulitzer Fellowship; and is an alumnus of Mount Holyoke College and Women’s Christian College.

She writes about food, travel, fashion, art and culture for many publications. They include Condé Nast Traveler, The National, Financial Times, Destinasian, The Atlantic, Gourmet, Time,, and a number of airline publications among others. In the past, she has written for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Newsweek, Knowledge@Wharton, and other publications.

She has been a columnist for Mint, an Indian business daily, and for The National, based in Abu Dhabi.


The bio which I would like to give is below:

Shoba Narayan writes about food, travel, fashion, art and her native India for many publications such as Condenast Traveler (US edition), The National, Financial Times, Destinasian, and Silkroad, among others.  Shoba is a columnist for Mint Lounge and The National.

She works on improving her memory and becoming fit without exercising.

A long time ago, she won a couple of awards, which allow her to conveniently add the phrase ‘award-winning’ author to her books.

She is an alumnus of the Columbia Journalism School, Mount Holyoke College and WCC.

51 replies to Bio
  1. Just finished reading ‘cows of bangalore’. I m now seriously thinking of sponsoring a cow in a Gaushala…. Thanks for the inspiration…..


  2. I read your book today in NJ ..milk lady of Bangalore is one of best books I have read in long time. Your husband and myself share same industry and as a VC I would like to pen one day my journey and what really goes on in our industry. Also I am trying to move to Bangalore where my wife was born and many lessons could have learned from you on where to move etc. Hope to meet you one day in Bangalore.


  3. Hi Shoba, I am quite impressed with your publications and other achievements. I am Kris Bedi and just finished writing my memoir which has been accepted for publication in April 2018. I would love to hear any tip you may wish to share with me. Thanks, Krishan Bedi


    1. Congratulations on your upcoming publication! The only tip I have was the one that was passed on to me: be yourself and sieze the day. Speak in your authentic voice and don’t be afraid of confrontation


  4. Hi Shoba, I am Lalitha Raghuram from MOHAN Foundation. We are organising “Metro-Retro”, a musical evening on 3rd December at the Vadapalani Metro Station – a first ever event in a metro station. Would like to invite you, and also talk to you before the event. Is it possible? I am a newbie in Chennai. I am Hyderabadi. Would love to take your advise. Look forward to hearing from you.


  5. Hello Shobha,
    I am from Delhi and stay in mumbai and am currently reading Return to India, and it seems as if someone has echoed my state of living away from family. You have written and put every feeling so well that any person who is away from family be it in India or abroad would be able to relate to your book. Keep writing …All the best.

    A fan


  6. Hello Shoba, As i dont subscribe to the Mint,i did not get an opportunity to read many of your columns in the Mint .By some sheer coincidence I happened to read today some of your columns and am impressed by your deep understanding of so many things that make up life on this planet.You weave these in simple understandable language .(for lesser mortals like me) .

    All the best



  7. Hi shoba
    This is just to tell you that I am a great fan of your first book. ..monsoon diary.’s a book that connects me to my own childhood and food memories. ..though I am not a South Indian. ..keep writing.’s a great journey.


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