Was in Masinagudi to run a module on “Storytelling in the corporate context: how to use narrative to enhance your pitch.” It was for SAP Labs.  Thanks to Sunder Madakshira, Head of Marketing at SAP for the connect. And thanks to Heemanshu Ashar for connecting me with Sunder. It is always interesting for me to […]

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield reinventing the wheels Shoba Narayan Jun 7, 2012 In what could have been a risky manoeuvre, the 119-year old brand of Royal Enfield redesigned its previous In what could have been a risky manoeuvre, the 119-year old brand of Royal Enfield redesigned its motorbikes. Related  Video: The Royal Enfield ■ Delhi man is […]

About Starbucks

Starbucks has to wake up and smell the coffee in India Shoba Narayan Café Coffee Day, an Indian coffee chain, will offer serious competition to Starbucks, which aims to open 50 outlets by the end of the year. Aijaz Rahi / AP Photo Feb 5, 2012 There is a great line in the movie When […]

Hotel Business

In the hotel business, bigger isn’t always better Shoba Narayan (Writer) Jan 27, 2010   Mohammed is afraid of losing his job. I met the middle-aged man from Kerala in Bahrain’s transit lounge. Emboldened by my few words of Malayalam, and since we would never see each other again, he told me his story. A housekeeping supervisor at […]


Microfinance has become a big deal for India’s poorest Shoba Narayan (Writer) Aug 7, 2010 next previous   For all the controversy surrounding SKS Microfinance’s initial public offering (IPO) last week, its shares were fully subscribed. SKS is India’s largest and arguably most successful micro-lender. It began as a non-profit organisation in 1997, lending as little […]

Money Buys Happiness

Money makes the world go round and can buy happiness Shoba Narayan (Writer) Aug 28, 2010 Experiences bring more happiness than objects.   BLOOMBERG next previous Go to photo 0   Last week, I did something I have never done before. I took out my credit card bill and categorised my payments into two columns: experiences […]


India’s super-rich a quintessentially complicated bunch Shoba Narayan Sep 26, 2010 next previous   I have a request for Paul Drummond, the boyish co-founder of Quintessentially, the UK-based luxury concierge service: can he get me into elBulli before it closes forever? If he can, here is one Indian who will sign up for his company’s […]

Indian Pharma

A dose of Indian state support will keep drug firms healthy Shoba Narayan Oct 3, 2010   Indians are not pill poppers. Or so I thought until a report in the Lancet Infectious Disease Journal linked an antibiotic-resistant “superbug” to India. In a somewhat dubious compliment the new “genetic mechanism” is even named after us: […]

Oberoi Hotels

White knight to old man’s rescue when black-tie party’s over Shoba Narayan (Writer) Sep 4, 2010 next previous   Hotel insiders in India have been wondering about the fate of the Oberoi hotels group for some time now, given that its octogenarian chairman’s succession plan appears to have failed. In a recent press conference in Kolkata, […]