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“An absolute joy to read.

Through her close encounters with the bovine kind, Narayan shows how Indian traditions are incorporated into her contemporary way of life.”

—Library Journal, starred review.

“Sincere and laugh-out-loud funny . . .

Narayan’s rich and evocative writing transports readers to the busy streets of Bangalore and a fully formed picture of modern India.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“Filled with the vivid colors, sights, and sounds

of a vibrant and ancient culture, Narayan’s in-depth treatment of cow mythology is a beautiful ode to her motherland.”


Promo Video of Milk Lady of Bangalore (made for an American audience hence the accent)

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Thank you for the review, Times of India.

Narayan’s narrative skills are supreme. From a reluctant believer in the virtues of udder milk compared with packet milk to consecrating her new flat with freshly laid cow dung to buying a cow as a spiritual and religious act, and then donating it, Narayan walks the whole hog with the cow—although not with the desi cow, but a Holstein-Friesian version.

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