I am absolutely thrilled to report that my books are now on the iBookstore and iTunes.

They are here
And they are gorgeous when viewed through the Apple magic.

The Hinduism book is the beginning of a new project.

The Cow book looks so much better in the iTunes version. I have slaved over it for days and days.

Please consider buying them. Please spread the word if you feel like it. It is about the cost of two lattes (need to come up with better marketing-line. This is lame).

It is better than downloading yet another version of Angry Birds (but people love angry birds. Wrong comparison. Plus they may realise that angry birds is worth more than book. And what does that say about civilization if we value a latte more than a book? Need better line.)

iTunes makes it all better. (And Apple needs another plug? Very lame.)

Going for a walk to figure this out.

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