There are times when churning out a column a week is torture; when you just want to throw in the towel and switch to an accounting job or something.  This column was written under such circumstance.  Very bad, as my young friend, Idanth would say.   The rare pleasures of serendipity It was at Atta […]

Parsi gara

The sari I liked cost about 100,000 Rupees so I didn’t buy any from this line. The grace and movement of ‘gara’ Our handcrafted products may be unusual, original, colourful, and wildly creative. But they lack finish E-mailPrint Shoba Narayan Mail Me Ashdeen Lilaowala creates ‘gara’ saris It is fashionable amongst engineers and systemic solution […]

Bangalore: MKOP (My kind of Place)

So many new restaurants in Bangalore. Even since this writing. My Kind of Place: Bangalore bustling with activities Shoba Narayan January 2, 2014 Updated: January 2, 2014 14:23:00 One-page article Why Bangalore? This capital of the erstwhile kingdom of Mysore recently lost its king. The Mysore Maharaja died in early December, depriving the city of […]

Diwali Generosity Challenge

An acquaintance pointed out that this wasn’t in my website. Given it is the Giving Season, putting it back here. The diwali generosity challenge The Good Life | Shoba Narayan Comment E-mail Print First Published: Thu, Oct 28 2010. 11 57 PM IST Money-wise: Caring Friends makes charity easy, doing due diligence on your behalf. […]