Seeking Jamdanis and nostalgia in Kolkata

Travel: Kolkata: As much as the city changes, its soul remains the same

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What’s cooking, Gaggan Anand?

The 39-year-old chef’s Bangkok restaurant Gaggan, which claimed the top spot in the list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants for the third time in a row, is all set to close in 2020.

Shoba Narayan brings to you a taste of his new avatar

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Wine and Indian food

I have been house-bound these days and have spent a lot of time boning up on an old pursuit: wine.  Reading, talking, listening and sampling.  The amount of material available on the Web is phenomenal; and the amount of wine available at my local Madhuloka is….er… pathetic.  Thank God for kind friends who raid their…

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