Be the woman of your choice

The piece below had the following comment from a reader. More than KV Kamath, the credit in ICICI should go to N Vaghul. The environment was conducive for the growth of women managers and the necessary flexibility was extended to women. They were given leadership roles during his tenure and by the time KVK came […]

Women’s role

Rewrote this many times.  Interesting topic. What is Priyanka Gandhi afraid of? Why doesn’t Priyanka Gandhi reach for the national office that could be hers for the taking? The Good Life | Shoba Narayan Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is a magnificent campaigner. In terms of sheer charisma, she beats her brother hollow. She has that preternatural […]

Why we hate our girls for Mint Lounge

This was a tough piece to write because you had to get the tone right. Many rewrites; many inputs from editors. Here it is at Mint’s site and pasted below Culture Why we hate our girls The 2011 census reveals our abysmal child sex ratio. Is it poverty, deep-rooted cultural conditioning or our ignorance about […]