Dead cow in the Ganga

Kashi is endlessly fascinating as is the Ganga, the river of India as Jawaharlal Nehru famously said.  I just loved writing this piece. BIG STORY Sun, 28 Feb 2016 HOW BLIND FAITH IS CHOKING THE GANGA Photo: Shoba Narayan The mission to clean the Ganga will be a pipe dream as long as Indians have […]

Kumbh Mela Cover Story

Immersed in India: The Kumbh Mela festival Shoba Narayan (Writer) Mar 20, 2010 next previous   The royal religious procession begins in Jwalapur, a dusty town an hour outside Haridwar, where two million sadhus (Hindu holy men), ascetics, healers, mystics and saffron-clad monks have camped out overnight. The fifth royal bath, shahi snan, or ritual immersion into that holiest […]