Bangalore: MKOP (My kind of Place)

So many new restaurants in Bangalore. Even since this writing. My Kind of Place: Bangalore bustling with activities Shoba Narayan January 2, 2014 Updated: January 2, 2014 14:23:00 One-page article Why Bangalore? This capital of the erstwhile kingdom of Mysore recently lost its king. The Mysore Maharaja died in early December, depriving the city of […]

Culinary Crutches

Met Chef Imitiaz Qureshi today.  What a guy! Very authentic and knowledgeable about Awadh style cooking. Listening to “There she goes” by Taio Cruz.  Here is my last Mint column Why you should drop your culinary crutches For professional restaurateurs and chefs, introducing the element of surprise is tricky because the spontaneous creativity that leads […]

Beer Story for Cathay Pacific

This is a story called Bengaluru Beer.  There is a fear that Delhi might over Bangalore as the Pub City of India– or has it already?  The one person who I wanted to interview for this piece but couldn’t do it by deadline was a man from a company called Ambicon.  They make equipment for […]