Anyone who calls herself The Loud Library Lady is worth paying attention to.  So thank you for this charming review, Kate Olson, “professional reader.”  What a great job you have and thanks for the plug for my book here
“The Milk Lady of Bangalore– a window into our universal connection to food and its sources.”
Thanks also for the plug on Good Reads here.  I hadn’t realized so many people had reviewed Milk Lady given its pub-date is three days out.

Some books enter into my life for the simple purpose of making me a more informed world citizen, and I am all for that. However, THE MILK LADY OF BANGALORE 100% did that, but also did the almost impossible and utterly charmed and entertained me at the same time. Narayan has taken a topic that seems to be incredibly simple (the life of the milk lady across the street from her apartment building), and has woven it into not just a rich look at life in modern India, but also a compassionate and lovi …more

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