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Bird Podcast

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Bird Podcast

Interview with Dr. Dominique Homberger

If you like parrots and parakeets, this one is for you.

Picked by Audubon

Bird Podcast is picked by Audubon as one of the top birding podcasts in the world.

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and below is what they say about us

Bird Podcast with Shoba Narayan

Every other week; about 60 minutes

For an international perspective, try this India-based podcast. Host Shoba Narayan is a journalist and author with a wide variety of interests, and her podcast likewise tackles different cultural corners with birds as the common theme. She interviews Indian birders and American scientists, discusses conservation, and does travel-heavy segments on particular destinations.

Author’s pick:Shashank Dalvi’s ‘Big Year of Birding’ Across India” – May 4, 2017

We have a new episode out on Bird Podcast: Interview with Dr. Dominique Homberger

In December 2019, Dr. Dominique Homberger visited Bangalore after a gap of ten years.  She gave a talk at NCBS (National Centre for Biological Sciences). When we reached out to her, she immediately agreed to speak to us.

Are you interested in how parrot species and their beaks evolved? How do parrots eat? What is the link between the length of parrot beaks and what they eat– fruits versus nuts? Have feathers evolved to insulate the birds? Why do feathers fluff up? Why is the body of the bird spindle-shaped? How do vultures soar? Parrots and the connection to Gondwanaland. Why is it bad when parrots in a cage start to speak? Contact calls among flocks of birds, how birds land on trees, are some of the other things she talks about.

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