– Monsoon Diary

Apart from the rest of her literary works Shoba has also been involved in writing books. Shoba’s first book, “Monsoon Diary: A Memoir with Recipes” was published in April 2003 by Random House. Monsoon Diary has received praise and acclaim from many who have read it.

Praise for Monsoon Diary…

“An entirely enchanting look at growing up in South India, in an exotic world populated by the iron man, the flower woman, maamis, and the colorful and opinionated members of an extended Hindu family. Food and recipes are a powerful element in Shoba’s story–tokens of identity and a passport to freedom. Monsoon Diary is ultimately a story about being Indian and carrying the traditions into a new world.”

– Nancy Novogrod, Editor in Chief, Travel and Leisure

“Of all the many recipe-laced stories, fictional and otherwise, that seem to be arriving in bookstores lately, Shoba Narayan’s funny, bluntly honest memoir stands sharply apart from the crowd. This is fresh, wonderful writing that captures the large personalities of Narayan’s extended family (her own outspoken self included) and the texture of daily life in Tamil Nadu and Kerala–a life that also happens to be filled with spicy curries, pungent chutneys, and coconut-rich stews. It is a mouth-watering book from a gifted storyteller.”

– Margo True, Editor, Saveur

“A taste of a life that is exotic yet familiar, Monsoon Diary is as pungent and satisfying as a good curry.”

– Sharon Boorstin, Author of Let Us Eat Cake: Adventures in Food and Friendship

“Shoba Narayan is that rarity in the food world: She has both a unique story and the lyrical skills to tell it.”

– Regina Schrambling, New York Times and Los Angeles Times ‘ Food writer

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