About aging

Some articles I agonize over. Some are a gift from the muse. This one was the latter. I dashed it off in half hour in the midst of hectic activity. Click here for the piece Life’s grandest challenge: watching those we love age Shoba Narayan Oct 21, 2012 My father shuffles. It pains – and irritates – me to watch him. But that’s how he … Continue reading About aging

On Wisdom

This one is for you, Ma.  And thanks, Sujata, for sending out the study. Intelligence versus wisdom, and humility comes out on top Shoba Narayan Aug 21, 2012 Does intelligence have anything to do with happiness? Or is it that more elusive quality – wisdom – that is more beneficial? A recent research paper, A Route to Well-being: Intelligence vs Wise-Reasoning, suggests that wisdom offers … Continue reading On Wisdom

Idealism and Love

My latest My Life column for The National’s M magazine Shoba Narayan on idealising your spouse Shoba Narayan Mar 29, 2012  After 20 years of marriage, I am no longer the dewy-eyed newlywed who believes her husband can do no wrong. Now I view my husband’s shortcomings with stoic realism. Knowing his flaws, I believe, takes our relationship to a deeper place. Related ■ My Life: … Continue reading Idealism and Love

My Life: Writing

My life: Shoba Narayan on being born to write Shoba Narayan Feb 29, 2012 My mother doesn’t read my articles but she thinks I am a terrific writer. Out of this seeming paradox springs my attitude and approach towards writing. ■ My Life: Shoba Narayan on rice ■ My Life: Shoba Narayan on her long-lasting marriage It is not that my mum doesn’t want to read my … Continue reading My Life: Writing

Party Animal?

My Life: negotiating new roles as we age Shoba Narayan Jan 4, 2012   I’ve noticed a curious phenomenon: men get more introverted as they get older and women more extroverted. I see it in several of my married friends. The husbands want to spend their evenings at home. The wives want to go out. It may be biological. The men have found their mate … Continue reading Party Animal?

Mother in law

The problem with the mother-in-law Shoba Narayan Jan 8, 2011   Two women who love the same man is hardly the recipe for a friendship. I speak not of extramarital affairs or bigamy, but of the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. In India, where I live, this misunderstood, maligned “saas-bahu” relationship dominates the collective psyche. It is the stuff of television soap operas and is … Continue reading Mother in law

Matchmaking Tiffin

My Life: Indian matchmaking takes a tiffin or two Shoba Narayan Jan 29, 2011   My husband, Ram, and I met over tiffin and tea one rainy afternoon in November 1991. We had an Indian arranged marriage, and as was the custom our horoscopes were matched, our families met and deemed each other compatible, and finally my parents invited him (and his parents) home to … Continue reading Matchmaking Tiffin

Conflict about Facebook

Does this essay which appeared in M magazine explain my conflict about Facebook? Here in the M website and pasted below. My life: Shoba Narayan on social networking Shoba Narayan Dec 7, 2011 As a memoir writer and columnist, I am comfortable with the first-person narrative. I write about the events and people in my life. I disclose what some would view as intimate details … Continue reading Conflict about Facebook