Idealism and Love

My latest My Life column for The National’s M magazine Shoba Narayan on idealising your spouse Shoba Narayan Mar 29, 2012  After 20 years of marriage, I am no longer the dewy-eyed newlywed who believes her husband can do no wrong. Now I view my husband’s shortcomings with stoic realism. Knowing his flaws, I believe, […]

Party Animal?

My Life: negotiating new roles as we age Shoba Narayan Jan 4, 2012   I’ve noticed a curious phenomenon: men get more introverted as they get older and women more extroverted. I see it in several of my married friends. The husbands want to spend their evenings at home. The wives want to go out. […]

Mother in law

The problem with the mother-in-law Shoba Narayan Jan 8, 2011   Two women who love the same man is hardly the recipe for a friendship. I speak not of extramarital affairs or bigamy, but of the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. In India, where I live, this misunderstood, maligned “saas-bahu” relationship dominates the collective psyche. […]