I love Vana. This beautiful wellness retreat in Dehra Dun, reflects its founder, Veer Singh’s approach to life, learning and spirituality.

Last year, Vana invited me to be in residence and conduct writing workshops. This year, I am going April 12th through the 26th. I hope you will join me and experience Vana.

This is what I will be doing at Vana. They have a brilliant calendar of writers and artists throughout the year, as you see here.

Vana January 2020
We are pleased to share Vana’s In-Residence calendar for 2020.

This link takes you to the In-Residence calendar which features the wellness practioners, spiritual teachers, artists, chefs and other specialists in residence at Vana throughout the year.

All of the diverse individuals mentioned will stay at Vana for different durations of time, in order to share their offerings in a meaningful way with in-house Vanavasis.

About Vana’s In-Residence Program
There are four pillars that form the essence of Vana – wellness, wisdom, learning, and seva (to be of service). Vana’s In-Residence Program has been built to primarily cultivate the first three.

This year Vana will welcome wellness practitioners, writers, academics, dancers, musicians and other thought leaders to our Retreat. These individuals range from those at the beginning of their careers to well-established professionals who enjoy international recognition.

All Vanavasis staying at Vana have access to the group sessions led by those in residence, as per the weekly Retreat Program. Private treatments by wellness practitioners are also made available as per need and availability, and are chargeable on an a la carte basis.

We encourage you to take a look at the calendar should you wish to schedule your stay at Vana around any of the individuals included.

The calendar is updated on our website throughout the year and we also share information about upcoming individuals on our Facebook and Instagram pages.
For more information or if you have any questions please contact Retreat Reservations at «[email protected]» or call us at +91 135 3911114.
Please note that the In-Residence Calendar is subject to change. For this reason we encourage you to contact Retreat Reservations and cross-check the calendar on our website if you are planning your retreat in accordance with the In-Residence calendar.

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