I visit Music India online a lot.  It is a great site and allows you to filter music according to likes.  Here’s what’s on my current playlist.

Character Dheela: Has a nice mixture of rap and melody.  Like the lead instrument– trumpet?

Munni Badnaam: Love the female singer’s voice.  Has “gaathram” or sultry imperfect depth

Nee Korinaal (Tamil song): Nice melody and nice sound effects.

Sri Suktam: I love Sanskrit chanting but only of a particular kind.  I am in love with this man’s voice and am trying to find out who he is.  He chants the Sri Suktam so beautifully.  I listen to it on Youtube.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9w6DeWiZyQ&NR=1

Shobane: Carnatic song in Pantuvarali ragam by Ranjani Gayatri.  Again, just love this.  Am trying to learn this.  It is from their album, Paramanandham and both this song and the song, Hiranmayeem on this album are wonderful.

You can hear it here

Scroll down to song 11

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