I found my articles in the New York Times website by searching its archives (since 1851). They also have some feedback to my pieces which were amusing.
You can see the page here

Here are the articles themselves.

India’s Arranged Marriages take a toll

Where the Kitchen is Mostly a Men’s Club: An article about the Food Network TV shows where most of the hosts are men. All my New York chef friends hated it.

Arranged Marriages essay feedback

More marriage feedback

And the article itself: Close to Home: when life’s partner comes pre-chosen.
This article appeared just before I graduated from the Columbia J-school. I believe (even though I don’t know this for a fact) that it influenced my getting of the Pulitzer Travelling Fellowships. My agent had talked to the New York Times Home section editor at that time. I think her name was Barbara Graustark. I remember getting a call at home and the voice at the other end said, “This is Barbara Graustark at the New York Times. I was interested in having you write something for us at the Home section and your agent told me about your arranged marriage. Would you like to write something about it?” I just sat down and took a deep breath.

On Board the Bombay Express: a rolling feast of India.

Food Network Male Chefs rant– a reader reaction

My Professor, Sam Freedman’s article about culture and terrorism. He called me here in Bangalore to interview me on this. I was just happy to talk to him– on any subject he chose.

To Refresh a Palate, or a Sultan’s Kiss: story on paan.

Chef reaction

Online wake

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