Dear Class:
The final project submission is on April 28th from 9 to 2. Sandeep is organizing the line-up. Each of you will get ten minutes to make a presentation on your project.
Two questions came up.
1. The final presentation : Will you be rating / assigning marks based on the same?
2. Is a final report required or the content prepared for the 10 minute presentation would suffice?

As Malcolm Gladwell says in “Blink,” you can figure out a lot about a person in just a few seconds.
So yes, the final presentation is everything. I will be rating you based on content, presentation, style, attire, and what talent scouts call “presence.”
Content is king but this class is as much about style as it is about substance, so be creative.

I look forward to seeing you all at the wine dinner at Caperberry this Saturday, and for the final presentation on Monday.
I will be photographing our party and with your permission, will upload it somewhere– either on Facebook, or this blog.
Some of you have filled in your project details here
Can the rest please go into the spreadsheet that Bidipta has created for the class and fill in?

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