Read this piece and weep.

Pearls Before Breakfast

I loved this piece so much on so many levels.  It combines art, philosophy, music, behavioral economics, social psychology, pretty much every field that I care about.  It gave me names of pieces that I had never hear about: Chaconne by Bach.  The greatest violin piece ever written.  Gotta listen to that.

It gives in one paragraph the various philosophical interpretations of beauty, something which I also care about: Liebniz, Hume, Hume.

It gives multiple points of view like that movie, Vantage Point.  The musician, the commuter’s, the expert’s.

The choice of the classical music pieces.  I’ve been reading the NYT’s chief music critic, Anthony Tommasini’s review of the Top 10 composers of all time and his reasons for his picks.  It’s interesting to hear Bell’s picks and his reasons.

And poetry too!! Lub-dub.  Mother’s heart? Come now, that’s a bit much.  But what does this line say about our kids? What does it say about us?

“Every single time a child walked past, he or she tried to stop and watch. And every single time, a parent scooted the kid away.”

I just love, love, love this piece.  Wish I had thought of the idea.  Wish I had written it.

Like I said, read it and weep!!

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