The Dalai Lama on wisdom and aging.

When you are torn by anger, take the Dalai Lama’s simple advice: be kind

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This Indian Life: new column for HT Brunch

Every generation thinks of itself as the sandwich generation: caught between parents and children.  This generation however is different, I believe.  Because of advances in medical science, our parents are living longer.  These are some of the things I write about in this new column.

What unites today’s India besides a love of spicy food, film songs, cricket and big fat weddings? I would say that many of us are parenting our parents – and an assortment of uncles, aunts, and random elders whose children live beyond our shores. It is equal parts frustration and comedy livened with moments of tenderness that borders on the sublime.

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About aging

Some articles I agonize over. Some are a gift from the muse. This one was the latter. I dashed it off in half hour in the midst of hectic activity. Click here for the piece Life’s grandest challenge: watching those we love age Shoba Narayan Oct 21, 2012 My father shuffles. It pains – and…

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