How to give

Loved writing this piece How to give (or how to clear out your closet) Give gifts, get things done. Shoba Narayan on essential barter Last night, my 84-year-old father called me at 9:45 PM. The lateness of the call told me that he was mulling over something serious. “I have reached a momentous decision,” he […]

Love Chennai. Had fun writing this piece.

FRI, JUL 10 2015. 03 44 PM Anger management at a Chennai cinema How Shoba Narayan queued up to watch the latest Tamil indie and dished out multi-coloured combs to aunties I tried my anger management technique when I was standing in line for tickets to “Kaaka Muttai,” the new Tamil film. Kaaka Muttai is […]

Hum Raag performs at Bharat Kalachar, Chennai on April 11th at 6:30 pm. Please come.

We are so thrilled to be going to Chennai.  Mrs. YGP is a doyenne in the field of education.  She started Padma Seshadri School.  Her son YG Mahendra is a theatre and film actor.  Now, three generations are running the cultural component of the school– called Bharat Kalachar.  Madhuvanti Arun is YGM’s daughter.  If you […]

Madras to Mumbai

I was conflicted about writing this, because I don’t think people should define themselves so narrowly.  In terms of the “land they sprung from.”  But I cannot deny the fact that such an identity exists.  So I wrote it.  Tried to keep it light. The psychology of a Matunga Tamil I grew up in Bombay,” […]

Evolution of Music

My friend, Chitra Srikrishna and I are doing a music event together on March 14th. Details here. A happy result is that I am reading a lot about Carnatic music. Ranging from Pantula Rama’s book to Sangita Ratnakara to white papers. Two chance conversations started this. In both cases, the two music lovers were gushing […]

Why we dance?

I have become interested in dancing recently, perhaps because I have been doing it. This November 17th is Pournami or full moon day. Planning a folk dance in my building similar to what is described below. HOME» LEISURE» THE GOOD LIFE Add a new ingredient to festivities: dance Group dances involve community; they involve meeting […]

Chennai’s Punjabi Envy and Puns

The best part of this piece was the punny-funny response I got from a friend in Chennai, which I have appended below after taking out all identifying characters. He first sent a handwritten note on the computer, complimenting the piece. To which I replied. Thanks. Love, love, love (and am quite jealous of) your handwritten […]