The Leela Delhi

My Mint column about The Leela Delhi here. Culture Posted: Thu, Oct 27 2011. 9:23 PM IST Is anyone listening to the guest? The hospitality industry spends countless hours training employees to act on certain principles: enhancing guest experience, prompt delivery of services, warm welcomes and goodbyes, among others The Good life | Shoba Narayan […]

Gourmet Magazine

Gourmet magazine has a page of my pieces here. SHOBA NARAYAN FOOD + COOKING GRAINS OF TRADITION In India, where I grew up, rice gains mystical—even mythological—proportions. SHOBA NARAYAN 09.11.08 TRAVEL + CULTURE: Masala Klub, Taj West End, Bangalore TAMPERING WITH TRADITION Opening an Indian restaurant in India isn’t easy. Indians are famously possessive about […]