Marrying my cellphone.

Loved writing (and rewriting) this column, mostly to get the word play right.  Thanks to the husband for supplying the line, “At least the phone is smart.” 07 July 2016 | E-Paper Home » Leisure » The Good Life Last Modified: Wed, Jul 06 2016. 02 32 PM IST Getting married to your phone Our gadgets punctuate our lives and burrow deep into our souls. … Continue reading Marrying my cellphone.

Long-term marriages

I loved writing this column because it reflects my life these days. Are we destined to be curmudgeons? Only if we’re lucky Shoba Narayan Dec 5, 2012 ‘Is this how we’ll end up?” I ask my husband. “Is this how old age will be? Bickering and arguing over small things like all the old people do?” Related   We are surrounded by the elderly – … Continue reading Long-term marriages