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Fine Fast Food for Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie

FINE FAST FOOD I feature at 00:32 for a snippet and later at 17:18 minutes.  You can watch it here.   Who says fast food can’t be superb? Join us as we visit chefs around the world who are redefining the very concept of fast food. Chef David Chang of Momofuku Ssäm Bar in New York City turns out a spectacular meal in next to … Continue reading Fine Fast Food for Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie


Am really enjoy seasonal fruits now. We drink watermelon and musk melon juice everyday. These are the pleasures of seasonality. Thankfully, watching NDTV with my father in law about being “Single in the City” with Vikram Chandra. From Mint Lounge this week Sat, Mar 30 2013. 11 22 AM IST Luxury in food is about being seasonal Seasonality is a concept that was understood instinctively … Continue reading Seasonality

Living in Paris

To French wine, cheese, bread, but sadly, for a vegetarian– not French food.  Thank you, dear Elisabeth– our lunches together give me a taste of France right here in Bangalore. How the French do it Provenance, Indian style, is soon becoming a thing of the past Shoba Narayan      First Published: Thu, Dec 06 2012. 08 20 PM IST Dessert wines and candy shops, all within … Continue reading Living in Paris

A night out with girlfriends

This essay appeared in M magazine of The National. Click here for the link. A night out with girlfriends is simply good therapy Shoba Narayan Last Updated: Mar 22, 2011 My three girlfriends and I went out one night recently to The Pink Poppadam, a modern Indian restaurant in Bangalore. Mostly, we talked about our homes and lives, spouses and in-laws, children and careers, fears … Continue reading A night out with girlfriends

New Zealand Food Tour for FT

Articles > Newspapers > Financial Times > New Zealand Food Tour New Zealand Food Tour – By Shoba Narayan (This article originally appeared in May 2005) For being such an isolated faraway country, New Zealand is a veritable culinary cornucopia. There are olives for the pressing, berries for the picking and wines for the sampling all within a span of miles and sometimes within the … Continue reading New Zealand Food Tour for FT

Asian Fusion for FT

Articles > Newspapers > Financial Times > Asian Fusion Asian Fusion – By Shoba Narayan (This article originally appeared in January 2003) Asian fusion in all but name Shoba Narayan finds a Singapore four that can blend with the best site; Jan 23, 2004 Asian Fusion has become a bad word in Singapore’s culinary lexicon, a somewhat strange occurrence given that this island-state is … Continue reading Asian Fusion for FT

My writings for Gourmet Magazine

Gourmet magazine has a page of my pieces here and here.  Pasted below Shoba Narayan dreams of being a stand-up comic and doing cartwheels—both galactically difficult to achieve for one so decidedly unfunny and unathletic. From her base in India, she writes about food and adventure for Condé Nast Traveler, Gourmet, ForbesLife, Time, and other magazines. She is the author of Monsoon Diary, a memoir with recipes. She writes “The Good … Continue reading My writings for Gourmet Magazine

Udipi Sri Krishna Bhavan

SHOBA NARAYAN AN AUTHENTIC, ALBEIT EARLY, INDIAN LUNCH 08.17.07 In my eternal quest for simple authentic Indian restaurants serving regional cuisine, I sought out an 80-year-old place in a crowded narrow street in Balepet, Bangalore, that old-timers told me had food to die for. It took a while for my auto-rickshaw to navigate the narrow roads and find Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan. The name itself is a … Continue reading Udipi Sri Krishna Bhavan