Ways of Seeing at Indian Institute of Science

Trying to teach sculpture to 115 bright scientists is– shall we say– an interesting if challenging exercise.  Told the class to bring in a quick piece of art that they created.  Was pleasantly surprised.  Lots of drawings; lots of science connections and equations. I am teaching a class for this month under the auspices of […]

Cultural Immersion

A while ago, Ravi Bapna, a professor at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, asked me to do “cultural immersion” module for his visiting MBA class. I created four PowerPoint presentations but the sessions ended up being highly interactive. They learnt about Indian culture, learned how to wear a sari or […]

Storytelling course

I am doing a “webinar” on Storytelling with Takshashila Foundation, a non-profit public policy think-tank co-founded and run by my friend, Nitin Pai. The description can be found here. I get nothing out of it. All proceeds go to Takshashila. Please tell interested participants, although I think they are oversubscribed already.

India– Cultural Immersion

Professor Ravi Bapna’s class from the Carlson School of Management’s Executive MBA program visited India.  I spent one morning– three hours from 9-12– doing a ‘cultural immersion’ class.  We discussed history, customs, culture, music, dance (with a performance at the end), and had a great interactive session.  They asked tough questions about all the things […]

Cultural Immersion

I am doing a class/presentation/module on cultural immersion for a visiting Executive MBA class from the U.S.  Basically, I am trying to un-package India for them and it is a fascinating exercise.  What do you focus on? Values, food, music, bargaining? There are many good books on Indian culture including A.L. Basham and India Unveiled. […]

Feedback Section

Dear Class: A word about my blog. I have included my teaching stint at IIM because I am proud of the caliber of the students who I taught. Two, I wanted to document it. And three, it is a way of marketing the course for next year’s IIM batch. So far, only one student had […]

Project Details

Dear Class: The final project submission is on April 28th from 9 to 2. Sandeep is organizing the line-up. Each of you will get ten minutes to make a presentation on your project. Two questions came up. 1. The final presentation : Will you be rating / assigning marks based on the same? 2. Is […]

About the Course

This is how the course was presented to the Executive Post Graduate Program (EPGP) at IIM-Bangalore. Companies spend enormous amounts of money each year in soft skills training. Many have realized that in additional to core competencies, employees need to improve their Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ). Consider this scenario: you are hosting a client dinner […]


Homework Assignment Research one artist of your choice and prepare an 5 sentence description of the artist that you will present to us next class.  Include some information but I am interested in your opinion of the artist. Examples of artists: Raza, Vaikuntam, MF Hussain, Bharti Kher, Subodh Gupta, or any other artist from the […]