There are times when churning out a column a week is torture; when you just want to throw in the towel and switch to an accounting job or something.  This column was written under such circumstance.  Very bad, as my young friend, Idanth would say.   The rare pleasures of serendipity It was at Atta […]

Self Control

I have been using this great app called “Self Control.” It lets you put sites that distract on a “black list.” So every morning, after I check my Facebook for ten minutes, I turn on Self Control for 24 hours. My blacklist includes my blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. No matter what I do, I […]


Going to Singapore for a few days, guys. Any suggestions about what to see and where to go? Thanks. I am there from May 22-28. Taking my 12-year-old along.

Delhi Airport

Delhi airport’s new terminal has nice bathroom entrances. I always wonder how to make iconic signs both accessible and yet creative. Here in the airport, they have screen printed large size images of Indian women in traditional garb at the entrance to show which bathroom the women have to enter. Right next to her is […]