Leap before you think Before he began Apple, Steve Jobs spent seven months in India, something that is described in his biography by Walter Isaacson. In it, Jobs talks poetically about the difference between intellect and intuition. “The people in the Indian countryside do not use their intellect like we do,” he said. “They use […]

Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal Parvati Power This Hindu goddess, consort of Shiva, proves that dignity and smarts prevail. By Shoba Narayan Parvati is one face of the divine female energy, often called Devi (the shining one) or Shakti (power), that many Indians worship as the power above all deities. The goddess is personified in many forms, including […]

Yoga Journal

Thanks, Naomi, for sending me these links in the Yoga Journal.  Wrote these pieces a long time ago.  Didn’t know they existed. Quite Contrary Kali is both a fierce warrior and a compassionate mother goddess, reflecting the range of behavior available to us all. By Shoba Narayan Many of the female deities in Hindu mythology […]


I used to be the Hinduism columnist for Beliefnet when it began years ago. When it got acquired, I even got stock options for which. They have a page for me here but most of my articles are archived under the Hinduism banner. Beliefnet’s Search page which has all my stories. Here are some of […]