My previous column on idli and dose (Karnataka) or dosai ITamilnadu) or dosha (Kerala) or dosa (North India) brought forth so many comments.  My head is spinning.  Please read.  Many call me out on my biases, which is great.  Many offer critiques of this “stupid” article.  Some link it to history, mean sea level, Dravidian roots, fermentation methods and ingredients.  I am attaching a Whatsapp response which I will also paste in the comments section.  Will have to write a follow up once the head stops spinning.

Oh and this post will self destruct as in– all of this content will be moved to the comment section of the original article.

Please go to this article and scroll all the way down below “Recent articles” for the comments section.  Enjoy.

[2:19 pm, 02/02/2023]: Although I agree with most of her assessments, methinks Karnataka idlys with their unipolar coconut chutney can’t hold a candle to the tri-color chutneys coupled with a variety of poDis 😋 Paruppu poDi is my favourite, followed by chutney poDi in burnt gingelly oil 🤤 As for her contention that Karnataka medu vadas are somewhat superior to their Tamizh bretheren, I reserve judgement on this issue (‘cos this amounts to splitting hairs!) Also, most important, she seems to be oblivious of the best breakfast of all! Maddur vade 🤪

[2:19 pm, 02/02/2023]: Delightful question to wake up to! But the answer is simple – Karnataka all the way for me. Idli doesn’t need the array of chutneys – simple coconut chutney is the best. As for dosa, the thin dosa neither has taste nor can support accompaniments. And she doesn’t even mention the other fab breakfasts like nucchinunde and  guntpongal!

[2:19 pm, 02/02/2023]: Oh my 😳 To each their own, as they say 😱 However, I agree with you that what she considers as breakfast is rather limited 😋

[2:19 pm, 02/02/2023]: She doesn’t mention Thatte Idly from Karnataka and pidikozhakatte  from TN .. also the gojjuavlakki from Kar is a mixture of flavours. Give me the tasty flavourful chutney from Karnataka with its Coriander and Mint in symphony with coconut as an accompaniment to the idly.. a total boost to the idly and a great start.

[2:19 pm, 02/02/2023]: The most shocking omissions are – 1. Rava Idli with Neer Palya and 2. The spongy Kaali Dosa – with all it’s pores filled with watery chutney. 😊😊

MTR will always be my favourite, but Bangalore relatives say other places like Maiyyas are equally good without queue hassles. But what is most impressive about Bangalore is the large number of Sangeetha-Woodlands equivalents sprinkled all over the city. Modest-looking, moderate prices, good fare. You can be anywherein Bangalore and find such a place nearby. In Chennai  you have to travel some distance, or patronize a third-rate joint close by and risk upsetting your tummy.

Good filter coffee?  Very hard to get in Chennai. You may well be out of India. 

In Bangalore, you can hop into the nearest joint and get a reasonably good drink.

Bangalore’s best breakfast item is the kesari bath-kara bath combination.

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