I request all of you who are doing your presentations next Monday and Tuesday to keep it under 10 minutes. Because there are so many of us, I have no choice but to ensure that people keep within their time limit, or else I have to reduce the grade.

A suggestion: rather than presenting a lot of ideas in your talk, you can put it all in the powerpoint that we will upload.  In each presentation, just speak about THREE points.  Three of the major concepts.  We can get the details when we view the powerpoint presentations.  This is how I will grade.

Breadth and/or depth of content: judged by material in the powerpoint.

Presentation style, speaking with authority, and keeping to the time: as judged by what you will say in your 10 minutes.

Last year’s presentations are in the following location.  Please look through them for an idea of what you will do this year.

URL: http://www.skydrive.com

Username: [email protected]

Password: 2schmooze!

Folder: Shoba’s Folder in Documents section

Last year, we had compressed all the classroom presentations till the end.  This year, based on feedback from last year’s students, we will start doing 2-3 presentation from Module 4 onwards.

Would people upload a short line about their presentations below?

Class of 2012 presentations


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