I enjoyed our session today! Thanks to all who had the courage to come up today.  I realize that the later candidates will have the advantage of our feedback and I will factor that in while grading you.  In other words, the people who came up today have a handicap.
Based on today role-playing, the class came up with some feedback which I have posted below.  Feel free to add.
1. Ask open ended questions to draw them out.
2. Try to relax even though the situation may be tense.  This shows in your body language.
3. Try mirroring you actions with the person in front of you.
4. Figure out how close/distant you have to stand based on their body language.
5. Listen carefully.  Don’t interrupt (sounds obvious, but as we saw, it isn’t).
6. You were all helpful with organizing things that they liked.
7. Think about how you compliment.  Be spontaneous.  Not too personal.
8. Think about how you receive compliments.  As someone said, we have problems with responding to compliments.
9. Don’t force your agenda or questions.  Let the conversation proceed naturally.
10. Don’t keep saying, “I don’t know much about art or design or food.”  Instead use what you know to further the conversation.  If all else fails, ask more questions but not in an aggessive way.
11. Share things about yourself.  This way, they will begin asking questions.
12. Figure out how to bring the conversation to your interests as well.
Next class, the “charmers” and the “clients” can use all of the above in their interactions.  We will be doing this through the sessions for all of us to get better.

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