Why do we go to parties? To be stimulated, to have a good time, and– at the top of the hierarchy– to create an unforgettable memory.

The best parties are ones that leave a memory.
The fantasy
Why do we go to parties? Well, to eat and drink of course, but also to be stimulated, to have a good time, and—at the top of the hierarchy—perchance, to be inspired. The best parties are ones that leave a memory. On a recent night, under the lingering shadows of a mango tree, a group of Indian taste-makers gathered to eat summer salads and grilled meats, drink French wines and talk about…well…that was the bad part. These were globally travelled Indians with incomes equalling those of the niche elite anywhere else in the world. The talk however was morbidly local– mundane topics about movies, weather and, if all else failed, politics.
The Reality:
The problem for party hosts is that polite conversation gets boring really fast.  To stand around holding drinks, smiling and talking about the traffic is the most inane of occupations.  Why bother? That is where the Levitating X comes in.  It is effortless in its beauty, easy in terms of functionality, and best of all, provides the “aha” moment that most seasoned party-goers and party-throwers live for.  It leaves, in other words, a memory.
The Product:

The method is simple, and has the easy elegance of a birthday cake.  The host walks out with what is ostensibly a cup on its base.  The base is placed on the center of the table.  You, the host, place the accompanying cup on a black pedestal, pull out the rims like a magician and take in the gasps of the guests as they watch the cup float.   And there it stands, this steaming cup of Joe for what seems like endless minutes, till the first guest tentatively reaches out to take the cup.

Will it fall? No.  Will it topple over? No.  Will it….well, no.  The cup is in hand, the guest takes a satisfied sip.  Et voila! With little or not effort, you have effectively elevated a cup of coffee to the realm of art.  Levitating X has other such products on offer.  There are plates of various sizes, sensibly made in unbreakable melamine.  Ditto with the coffee cup or the drinks glasses.  There is a pillow, plant and cushion.

“Art is the method of levitation, in order to separate one’s self from enslavement by the earth.”

Anais Nin

Levitating X offers fun products that add oomph to parties.

These choices run the gamut of size and utility. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what you get because the point is not to be useful but to be splendidly unique. How it works is actually besides the point. But for those science buffs, it has to do with magnetic fields and how they attract, or in this case, repel each other.  It is called electromagnetic suspension and uses electromagnets to stabilize objects that are floating above the base.
Most design mavens talk about form and function and how they are two sides of the same coin. This product is entirely about form. Function is superfluous. Do you need a plate that levitates? No. Are you saving the world by buying a levitating cup or plate? No. Are your parties and your life enhanced by owning such an object? Undoubtedly yes.

My work is not about form follows function, but form follows beauty or, even better, form follows the feminine.
Oscar Niemeyer

Each product category comes in an array of colors, shapes and technology.  The base for example, can be wireless of with a wire hanging out by the side.  Choose the wireless.  It is cooler.  Since you are spending this much for effect, why spoil it with a spool that comes out of the base.  The shapes too are pleasing and varied.  Levitating decor for example includes vases that are built like a sculpture.  They are round, oval and shaped like a Buddha.  The colors are black, white or coral.  Custom designs too can be created.
The firm’s dinnerware products include plates of different sizes.  One quibble is that it isn’t intuitive to know how to center the product.  At first, I thought that the black plastic rims were packing material.  I almost threw them out.  Thankfully, I watched the video instructions to realize that they are crucial. Without these rims, you spend a lot of time trying to center the cup or the plate on top of the black pedestal.  Since the product is all about effect, or rather, the seeming effortlessness with which these objects float, you need these rims for centering the object on top of the pedestal.  Each of these products are wonderful.  Whether you choose the plant or the pot depends on mood and moment.

The bottomline: Levitating X’s products are a fun way to elevate social gatherings or for that matter, solitude.

Watch the youtube video to see how these products levitate.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQZRuQKrxhg&w=560&h=315]
The details: Levitating X products cost in the region of $200 and are available at its website.  Click here for choices, prices and shipping information.

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