I am working on Book Number 2, which will hopefully be out later this summer.  It is a memoir called, “Return to India.”  It will be published by Rain Tree (how I love that name), which Rupa calls “its new premium hardcover imprint” here

You can view my title in the Raintree catalogue here

The reason I put up this post was a note from a friend– okay, my husband– this morning that said, “Good timing of the book.”  He was responding to an article in the New York Times about immigrants.

I can say it here because hardly anyone sees this site.  My grand ambition with this book is to open the floodgates of reverse migration.  People write books for the same reason they start companies or join politics: to effect change.  I may not effect change on any grand scale, but I can dream, can’t I? My blousy dream, the reason I wrote ‘Return to India,’ is to cause million of Indians who are currently living abroad to return to India and become contributing residents.  There, I’ve said it and blown it into the wind.  A fluttering butterfly’s wing causing a tsunami millions of miles away.

The book will hopefully be published in August.  Rupa has rights for the Indian subcontinent only.

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