Radio New Zealand and I had fixed up a time for a live-show a few weeks ago.  On the appointed day, I miscalculated the time difference.  So here I am, in Commercial Street, Bangalore, showing around friends who have just arrived from Singapore.  I haven’t seen them for years and there is a lot of hugging and “Oh, how much you have grown!”  My mobile phone rings and it is Robyn from New Zealand saying, “We are at Skype and you were supposed to.  Where are you?” So I sputter that I cannot be at Skype in two minutes and can we do the interview on my mobile phone.  So we have this interview as I stand on the steps of a shopping complex, feeling mortified that I’ve left my friends alone when they’ve just arrived and trying to talk sense to Bryan who is super-nice and calling from faraway NZ.  Next time, I have to do much better.

My first show here

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