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What is your idea of home? Is it journeying to a foreign land and then coming back to the homeland?

In doing so, what do you gain and what do you lose?

I explore these and other questions in my most heartfelt book, Return to India
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Return to India

Return to India

is the tale of a young lady, fascinated by things American, who left Madras to study in the US, and came back for an arranged marriage....

“Although the author does not address it directly, the book highlights two of life’s major questions: Who am I? What are my values?”

Deccan Herald

For those wanting to know

about an Indian's life abroad, this is the book. For all those Indians living abroad and wanting to come back to India, this is the memoir to be read.

And, for those just wanting to have a read of a brilliant book, Return to India is a must.  Shoba Narayan has indeed given a voice to all those who have been dealing with ‘an immigrant’s dilemma’ – to be or not to be is the question!” Blogadda

The relevance of the book

lies in the fact that Narayan represents a vast multitude of Indians who go through that dilemma day in and day out....

The memoir is also about how we handle our urge for ‘freedom’…. The reason for our escape also becomes the reason for our return. And that’s reason enough for this reader to recommend it for all children who want to leave our shores in search of a ‘better’ life.”  Business World

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