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So it is safe to say that, no matter who you are and what is your life like, you will be able to relate to this story because at the end of the day this book is about the journey of a young girl to becoming a mother, from seeing the life as a party ground to seeing life as an adult who is responsible for another life. It is all about maturing through the years, adjusting to whatever life has to offer and seeing your priorities change

Destination Infinity

I feel that people who are about to leave the Indian shores in search of fairy tales, idealism and perpetual happiness should also read this book. It will help them develop a more balanced attitude, without actually getting discouraged.

Any Excuse to Read

So, how did I find it? I really enjoyed her perspective on life in America(or abroad anywhere, for that matter). Her observations of how people behave, some reject India completely, while others become born again Indians. The way she herself changed after her daughter was born, is quite interesting to read. In some places cliched – just the way, we have heard of NRIs behaving, and in some places interesting.

goodreads (I love this site)

The Lyon Review (my alma mater).

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