Dead cow in the Ganga

Kashi is endlessly fascinating as is the Ganga, the river of India as Jawaharlal Nehru famously said.  I just loved writing this piece. BIG STORY Sun, 28 Feb 2016 HOW BLIND FAITH IS CHOKING THE GANGA Photo: Shoba Narayan The mission to clean the Ganga will be a pipe dream as long as Indians have […]

Ajmer Dargah

Mint has been sending me on trips to various spots to write on “sacred food.” This week, it is Ajmer Dargah. What a sensual experience. I respond to scents and sounds. The enveloping scent of roses was amazing. You have to read it at the site for the full photo cum words experiences. Oh, I […]


I used to be the Hinduism columnist for Beliefnet when it began years ago. When it got acquired, I even got stock options for which. They have a page for me here but most of my articles are archived under the Hinduism banner. Beliefnet’s Search page which has all my stories. Here are some of […]