A friend sent me these links.  Thanks, Raj.  I thought I’d put them up.

Writer and journalist Shoba Narayan puts a question mark over the link if any, between art and articulation and whether they go together.

If you haven’t read Shoba, I suggest you do. Her grace comes from being falliable, being one amongst us. She writes with insight and blends personal vignettes into almost all her pieces.  I have reproduced an article by her, about how we choose our friends (or how we don’t choose friends) depends how you look at the dimension. I can’t but agree 100% with this. I don’t have too many friends (the anti-social animal that I am), but I can’t but feel that our society, especially the Indian one does not allow cutting across class/economic/power strata. (I love this comment.  Thank you, whoever you are).

What Shoba Narayan has to say on ‘Chennai of today’

Greed and its cure: Author Shoba Narayan, the wife of a former investment banker, contends that he slipped over the ethical line (I am in a piece by a Bible Ministry)

And then there is the food that pervades the life of Shoba Naryan: flavorful, enticing, sumptuous dishes that are not just part of her existence. They are the substance and heart of her life.  (They spelled my name wrong but were generous with their words)

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