I Am

The email below led to this video of me here and pasted below. She had me at Alarmel Valli!! Dear Shoba Hope all is well. Not sure you remember me but we met at the Festival of Sacred Music two/three years ago. I now have a performing arts’ company called Aalaap and under the banner of Aalaap, I edit and publish a performing arts magazine. … Continue reading I Am

Profile of Sabyasachi

Sabyasachi, the revivalist businessman His style icons are strong, self-confident people who don’t need his clothes to enhance their identity The Good life | Shoba Narayan Clad in a khadi kurta-pyjama and Ferragamo flats, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, 37, is having lunch at the ITC Sonar, Kolkata. It is 4pm. We are at the coffee shop. He orders lal maas. I have already eaten. I order jhalmuri. “You can’t have muri (puffed … Continue reading Profile of Sabyasachi

BN Goswamy

My profile of Professor B. N. Goswamy in Mint Lounge this week.  Here and pasted below. Culture Posted: Thu, Dec 15 2011. 8:08 PM IST Look at art intently, and with patience As someone who loves abstract and contemporary art, I am a little rattled by Prof. Goswamy’s obvious love for ancient Indian art The Good Life | Shoba Narayan Prof. Brijendra Nath Goswamy is … Continue reading BN Goswamy

Sabyasachi Mukherjee

I spent two days hanging around Sabysachi.  He’s an interesting man.  Here is a story about him that appeared in The National.  Also pasted below. The sari warrior Shoba Narayan Nov 26, 2011 The fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee is sitting on the floor of his sprawling workshop in Kolkata, surrounded by 10 people. All around are piles of fabric. There are rich brocades in pink … Continue reading Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Bengali Films for Mint

Thank you MKR, for the below line about Mizoguchi, that I couldn’t fit in due to space constraints.  Here in Mint’s page and pasted below.  Thank you, Ghoshi, for the introductions. *********************** I feel like I am in a Bengali movie.  Wait, that’s too easy.  I am in Kolkata, after all, at the top floor of Priya Cinema, which, according to some, is the hub … Continue reading Bengali Films for Mint

About A Pet. Inji darling. RIP.

A very very hard piece to write.  I wrote reams of prose and then rewrote it countless times.  This has been in the works for the last four months.  Finally worked up the nerve to send it and have it published.  Not going to show it to my kids.  Don’t know if they can handle it.  Luckily, one is on a school trip and the … Continue reading About A Pet. Inji darling. RIP.

Anupam Poddar Profile

This is a profile of Indian art collector, Anupam Poddar, who has one of the best collections of Indian Contemporary Art.  As the piece suggests, it could well become an Asian art collection in the near future. Here is the URL of the profile in The National Here is the PDF upload.Poddar Page 1Poddar Page 2 Here is the URL of a column I wrote … Continue reading Anupam Poddar Profile

About Kolkata’s Mamoon Akhtar

This ran during the Ramzan-Eid season in The National, Abu Dhabi A harbinger of hope for Kolkata’s poor Shoba Narayan Aug 20, 2011   With their bright smiles, curious eyes and dark hair, Urmin and Sabina, 8, look like typical school-going children; except they aren’t. Until recently, both these girls peddled drugs for their parents, selling heroin to the “uncles” who thronged their tiny huts … Continue reading About Kolkata’s Mamoon Akhtar